PEP Welcomes All New Teachers

Nicholas “Chip” Retson, PEP’s Chair for Endowments and Scholarships, welcomed all new Aiken County teachers during their Induction Program on August 1 in the Cafeteria of Aiken High SChool. The teachers were “socially distanced” throughout the Gym and Cafeteria at Aiken High School.

Chip emphasized PEP’s Strategic Initiatives: Teacher Success, Early Learning Literacy, and STEAM Education.

He reminded all present that they would not have been hired if the School District didn’t think they could do the job. The first year of a new career is always difficult, and new teachers, like any new professionals, should never be timid about asking questions of more experienced educators.

Chip stressed that they are very lucky to be joining such a terrific educational district. Our School System values all new educators, our Community values them, and Public Education Partners places a very high value on supporting them too.