Baby’s First Teacher

Baby's First Teacher

Baby’s First Teacher (BFT)

BFT is a partnership between ACPSD, Aiken Regional Hospital, First Steps, PEP, and retired teachers. Parents of each new baby born at Aiken Regional Hospital are visited by a retired teacher or First Steps staff and given a gift bag. The bag (English or Spanish) includes a board book, developmental toy and literature on the importance of reading to one’s baby from birth.  Over 1200 gift bags have been given to new parents since the program’s inception in February 2016.

Expansion of Baby’s First Teacher

Funded through a CSRA Foundation Grant, a mobile website, was launched in January 2018 to provide parents/caregivers with quick access to the Aiken County community resources for children 0-5 years.

Free Nationwide Resources

Too Small to Fail: “Talking is Teaching”

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Vroom: App for turning shared moments into brain building moments