Midland Valley High School is the only Early College Program in Aiken County.  In partnership with Aiken Technical College (ATC),  high school students  earn an Associate Degree and high school diploma at the same time.  Students must meet ATC entrance criteria.  They take two college level courses taught by Aiken Technical College faculty every semester including summers beginning their Sophomore year.  

Students receive lottery tuition assistance, reducing the cost of each semester to an estimated $600, plus books.   PEP's Early College Initiative is to build partnerships to ensure that every student accepted into the  Early College Program can financially afford to attend.
Please consider making a donation or sponsoring a student. 

 To Learn more about enrolling a student in the Early College Program

contact the Guidance Department at Midland Valley High School

Early College
Midland Valley High School


"The Early College Program will open doors for  many of our students. It offers the possibility of receiving an associate degree before graduation from high school while removing many of the financial and transportation barriers.  We are excited that our students will have the  same opportunities as those across the state and nation."  



                 Carl White

Principal of MVHS